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by Orient-Express
Napasai, Koh Samui, Thailand

Spa Packages

The Spa at Napasai offers a wonderful selection of Spa Packages. You may reserve your treatment in advance by contacting us or arrange your treatment when you arrive at the resort.

Nature Combination
This package includes a mixture of fresh ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, lime, a freshly crushed blend of cucumber and natural Thai white clay. After a hydrating body wrap, enjoy nature’s tribute to your face, which leaves your skin with a wonderful glow. A nourishing experience for you and your skin.
Treatment time: 1 hour 50 mins
Price: THB 3,460

Ancient Royal Treat
Take advantage of this combination of the two most popular and ancient treatments amongst Thai Royalty. Beautify and purify your body with a gentle sacred flower scrub, known for its healing powers. This is followed by a traditional Royal Thai massage to work further along the body’s energy channels, to stretch and release tension. A unique opportunity for any visitor to Thailand.
Treatment time: 2 hour
Price: THB 3,600
Rejuvenating Retreat
Rejuvenate in a candlelit bath with an aromatic blend of Thai herbs, which will stimulate all your senses. Smooth away dry, dead skin with the moisturizing body scrub, then nourish the body with a rejuvenating body wrap before receiving a pampering, relaxing massage. This package may be done in conjunction with the Yothai facial to achieve an all over rejuvenating effect.
Treatment time: 2 hour
Price: THB 3,950

Pure Bliss Relaxation
Your body is holistically treated with a romantic candlelit bath filled with flowers and essential oils, as a prelude to a soothing, relaxing massage, which dissolves tightness in your muscles. A Sombun facial with an exotic synergy of white orchid extract and jasmine essential oil provides the final touch of this unforgettable spa indulgence.
Treatment time: 2.5 hours
Price: THB 5,000

Meditative Treat
This extremely soothing package starts with a moisturizing body scrub to remove dead skin cells and gently prepare your skin for a replenishing body wrap. The natural extracts of pineapple and tamarind act in synergy to rebalance your skin, moisturise it and restore your vital energies. Becoming conscious of these vital energies and watching your breath might help you to enter into a state of meditation, supported by meditation music, being guided with a soft and gentle touch towards a deep feeling of peace, harmony and completeness. Come and recharge both body and soul.
Treatment time: 2.5 hours
Price: THB 5,200

Napasai Signature
Our ultimate package, combining the best of Asian tradition and Western pampering. A romantic bath, followed by the moisturising body cleansing and a rejuvenating body wrap. A relaxing body oil ceremony with lemongrass and sweet orange essential oils then releases tension in all your muscles, with a Sombun facial, good for every skin type, to complete the treatment. This package is guaranteed to leave you feeling like a new person!
Treatment time: 4 hours
Price: THB 7,900

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