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by Orient-Express
Napasai, Koh Samui, Thailand

Body Scrubs, Masks & Wraps

Body Scrubs

Tamrap Luang (Seven Flowers Royal Treat)
Indulge in an ancient Royal treatment exclusively created to beautify the Princesses of the Kingdom of Siam. An exhilarating selection of sacred flowers, known for their healing powers, is gently rubbed onto your skin to refine and purify. Then, the application of an anti-ageing concentrate with a delicate touch nurtures your body, leaving you with a radiant aura and a revitalized mind.

Treatment time: 1.5 hours
Price: THB 1,950

Tanaka (Golden Triangle Body Cleansing)
Since ancient times, the Tanaka golden powder has been used in Northern Thailand by women to heal and beautify their skin complexion. This traditional recipe is made out of tanaka tree powder to smooth the skin. Indulge yourself with this ultimate exfoliation ritual that removes dead skin cells, followed by a luxurious quenching aloe vera, Thai bergamot & mint body gel, which leaves your skin silky, supple and replenished.

Treatment time: 1 hour
Price: THB 1,930

Samsara (China Sea Body Glow)
This exceptional skin-softening body exfoliation combines sea salts from the China Sea with a purifying body oil ceremony of cajeput and petit grain to leave the skin feeling fresh, smooth and revitalized.

Treatment time: 45 minutes
Price: THB 1,800

Body Masks & Wraps

Zen (After Sun Treatment)
Let your sun burns drift away with a healing mixture of Thai white clay to cool down and a freshly crushed blend of cucumber and mint to nurture and hydrate. The application of an aloe vera gel complements the treatment to leave your skin flawless and replenished.

Treatment time: 1 hour
Price: THB 2,250

Saat (Complete Detox)
This wonderful tropical treat uses a synergy of cajeput and orange that removes impurities and dead cells to prepare your skin for a body wrap containing 100% natural papaya and aloe vera extracts. While your body is covered with banana leaves, simply enjoy the active fresh ingredients that will eliminate toxic wastes and decongest your body by activating perspiration. Then, let your mind distress with a purifying aromatherapy massage. This treatment is ideally suited to refine your skin, leaving your body deeply cleansed and your mind with a renewed vitality.

Treatment time: 1.5 hours
Price: THB 3,600

Sawan (Rejuvenating Body Delight)
Give your body a new skin and rejuvenate your senses. This treatment starts with a moisturizing body scrub to remove dead skin cells and gently prepare your skin for a rejuvenating body wrap. The natural extracts of pineapple and tamarind act in synergy to rebalance your skin, moisturize it and restore your vital energies. A relaxing massage using lemongrass essential oil is then applied on pressure points, muscles, joints and ligaments to provide you with a wonderful healing experience.

Treatment time: 1.5 hours
Price: THB 3,540

Krachap (Slimming Body Ritual)

Slim down while you relax. A gentle body scrub is applied to eliminate impurities and prepare your skin for a slimming wrap containing 100% natural ginger extract that will improve blood circulation and help eliminate toxic wastes. The treatment is then followed by a deep slimming massage using a blend of long pepper and cinnamon essential oils that disperse fatty deposits and boost your metabolism. Active elements will be absorbed by your skin and released in small quantities for several hours after the treatment. This treat is ideal to re-contour your silhouette by improving skin tone and lumpy appearance of cellulite. A course of treatments is highly recommended for maximum results.
Treatment time: 2 hour
Price: THB 3,850

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