We contribute to the development and continuous improvement of South Africa through various corporate, social and environmental responsibility programmes.

On-site Eco Initiatives

The Worm Farm (or vermiculture centre) processes leftover food and other organic matter into compost, used to fertilise the hotel’s gardens.

Working beehives on the hotel rooftop are home to colonies of the Cape honey bee (Apis mellifera capensis). They are a species unique to the region and currently under threat.

Apart from keeping the beautiful flowers from our gardens in bloom, the hotel's hardworking bees also provide honeycomb for exclusive use at our Chef's Table, a rare treat for guests.

The plight of the honeybee is further highlighted in a unique art exhibit on show at Oasis Bistro. The provocative triptych features large-scale illustrations of the familiar faces of extinction (the rhino, tiger and panda) created entirely out of dead bees collected from infected Cape hives.

The hotel gardens are irrigated with water from the Hof spring mountain river that runs past the hotel.

Other projects include: 

Human Resources Initiatives

HIV/AIDS training
Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel has implemented a successful Human Resources policy to manage and reduce the impact and effects of HIV/AIDS in the workplace. The hotel strives to ensure that any staff member infected with HIV/AIDS will not be discriminated against, and that they are supported, enabling them to continue work productively for as long as they are medically fit to do so.

The programme incorporates the following initiatives: 

Training and development
Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel offers a four-year practical in-service training programme to previously disadvantaged candidates wishing to pursue a career in the hotel industry. Each year the programme is offered to three chef and four hotel management candidates.

Staff Rewards Programme
The “You Make the Difference” staff recognition programme was designed to encourage staff to acknowledge the achievement of their peers’ extraordinary commitment to the hotel’s standards. The winning employee receives a cash prize and overseas trip.

Charitable Initiatives

Tourism Community Development Trust
Since 1997, Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel has raised over R1 million for the Tourism Community Development Trust. Funds raised assist in the building of houses for previously disadvantaged communities.

Current projects include: 

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