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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico


Health, Nutrition and the 12 pulses according to Ayurveda
Private class, can be scheduled at your convenience
In this seminar we teach you what the internal energy paths (nadis) are, your pulses, how they work and which flavors can improve our internal balance, so you can have equilibrium of your inner elements.
Ask the Yogui
The Yogi trains you in the perception of reality, so it’s very fun to ask any sort of questions. Don’t expect a straight forward answer. Be open minded and ready to laugh, to hear something hilarious or serious, the intention of the Yogi is to be as genuine as possible so the solution is unhindered. Also, Yogi are magical beings so they can use rather uncommon methods, like reading the clouds or the palms. So take the chance to experience something new and find a different angle to any situation.

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