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There are several places where you can shop nearby to the resort.

Cancun - It offers all that a resort-based city can provide with a wide range of shopping, dining and beach-related activities. This is under an hour north of Maroma.

Puerto Morelos - This is a quiet fishing town and one of the oldest settlements on the coast.  It is primarily known for its seafood restaurants and uncrowded beaches.  However the town square is lined with various craft shops on Sundays. Nearby there are many craftsmen selling everything from huipile to ebony and silver jewellery. This is a short journey to the north of Maroma.

Playa del Carmen - This is a very cosmopolitan area and one of the fastest growing places in Mexico. Quinta Avenida is the centre of the town with pedestrian-only traffic for much of its length. It is a colourful enclave of restaurants, cafes, dive shops, unique boutiques, craft shops and European style B&B's, it is the heart of the city's nightlife and the centre of business and social dealings. The town is found a short distance to the south of the resort.

Isla Mujeres - This island is located seven miles off the coast of Cancun. The island offers many options ranging from the beachwear to handicrafts, which are brought in from all over Mexico. Look for pottery, woodcarvings, Panama hats, weavings from Chiapas & Oaxaca, Yucatecan huipiles, hammocks, obsidian, onyx, local art, and Mayan style carvings. This island is also famous for fine gold and silver jewellery created by local jewellers.


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