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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico

Rituals of Touch

All of the following treatments can be catered towards couples.

Hot, Healing Poultice
Medicinal herbs and essential oils are carefully collected and prepared by hand, then wrapped in organic cotton and steamed, intensifying their potency. This is massaged into the body while still warm, opening the pores, releasing tension, and improving circulation. A dynamic oil massage completes this healing treatment.

Choose from:

  • Traditional Herbal Poultice: Balancing fusion of lemongrass, bergamot, ginger and camphor to release tension and revitalize the mind.
  • Indigo Poultice: Great for muscular ache and pains, ease muscle tension, stimulate circulation.
  • Calming poultice: Sweet basil and citrus will provide you a calming sensation in every part of your body

Healing and Cleansing Treatment
The perfect combination to help the body to heal from stress and boost energy to every different channel, cranial herbal bags and foot reflexology will make you feel renewed.

Tensions are eased and circulation is improved.  Reflexology is a theory of healing based on massaging reflex areas on the feet that are linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone. Congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body.

Anti-stress Therapy
Intense massage applied to specific areas where the body accumulates stress, like head, neck, shoulders, hands, legs, feet, back and gluteus using shiatsu technique and herbal bags to relieve muscular tension.
A truly experience to recover energy flow for the body and relieve all kinds of stress.

Lomi Lomi
This massage is one of the oldest and deepest forms of restorative body work.  Working into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes and allowing total nurturing to the body, enables complete relaxation.  For the ultimate experience, try with four hands!

Mud Massage     
This beautifying treatment helps arthritis, hormonal imbalances, post surgery recovery and muscle recovery in sport medicine. In addition, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and natural antibiotics are found in this healing mud.

Thai Massage
This therapy is like doing yoga without the effort. Sessions are performed on a floor mat with our guests dressed in comfortable loose clothing. With these techniques, space and flexibility are created in the musco-skeletal structure, while the mind gently returns to calm alertness.

Relax and heal with a Reiki treatment. Our Reiki Therapists use their hands to channel energy from the universe to your body and to help the body heal itself. Reiki Therapy can help relieve pain, boost the immune system and relax the nervous system. 

Body Relaxing Massage
Experience the healing effects of customized aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative massage The uniquely blended massage oil will rebalance your vital energies by restoring harmony and calm your body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage is custom designed to target specific areas of tension and soreness. By using deep pressure contact, this massage will help improve flexibility and mobility in the muscles.  The perfect massage for those who prefer stronger hands and a firm touch. 

Moon and Stars Massage
The ideal setting for relaxation will be at the moment you’re looking at the stars on Maroma’s beach and feeling a delightful massage next to the Ocean.

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