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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico

Body & Facial Experiences

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Deep Cleansing Facial
This facial will exfoliate removing dead skin cells and cleansing skin, clear clogged pores, refine and stimulate cellular renewal. This facial will improve the foundation of your skin, adding vitality, radiance and elasticity for all skin types.

Kich Pam Facial - Detoxify
Experience our customized facial that will help to reverse the aging process while improving the condition of the skin. Depending on your skin condition, a two part exfoliation and toning help stimulate lymphatic drainage by creating a pumping action on the skin.  Our two part mask eliminates toxins and dead skin cells, encouraging healthy cellular regeneration. All skin types will benefit from this facial. 

Anti – Aging Facial (Acai Berry and Noni)
Instantly hydrating, naturally protecting, powerful anti-aging with Organic Acai (Brazilian berry) and Noni (from the pacific Island’s)

Mayan Man Facials - YONKA

  • Skin Fitness – A made to measure deep clean, detox and correct grooming facial, a superb brightener and turnaround treatment that reveals a skin in top condition with tighter pores and a more evenly balanced skin tone.
  • Age Defense – Anti-wrinkle, firming and energizing, restructuring natural active ingredients to fight premature ageing signs.

Kinan recommends visiting our steam room 15 minutes before your facial for optimum benefits and results.

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