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Eco Tours

Visit the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a natural World Heritage site since 1987, in all our eco tours.

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Enjoy bird watching in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve where a wide number of bird species (339) can be seen. Our guide will show you unique species of birds as well as instruct you on the jungle and plants of the particular area you are visiting.

Night Eco-Tour: Marine Turtles Observation
Only from May to September, Marine Turtles come to lay their eggs. And this unique and amazing activity can be enjoyed on the coasts of Tulum inside of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.



Crocodile Adventure
We invite you to experience one of your life's most exciting adventures while learning about the two crocodile species that live in Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

Enjoy a great day getting to see and photograph the wetland's largest predator. From a boat you will feel the thrill and emotion of participating in a crocodile research and conservation project, this trip is coordinated by Amigos de Sian Ka’an local ONG, they are in charge of the reserve and crocodile research.


Punta Allen Eco adventure tour
This tour offered by Community Tours Sian Ka'an is an unforgettable one day journey to the most preserved portion of the Yucatan peninsula's coral reef. You will visit different places like brackish and freshwater lagoons, the colorful estuary of Boca Paila then move into more remote portions of Sian Ka'an where you may have a casual encounter with rare birds, deer, raccoons and other mammals. You will also take a boat to the lagoons.

In town you will experience the peaceful and quiet lifestyle of the Punta Allen community. Learn how they have been developing a conservation-oriented, profitable way of life using the ocean resources and their fishing expertise.


Muyil forest and float tour
From Tulum the van ride is only 20 minutes to the Muyil Ruins where you have a 1-hour guided tour of the ruins and surrounding nature by our Mayan trilingual guide. You will look for rare, colorful birds and learn about the poisonous, medicinal, and hallucinogenic value of the endemic plants.
From there it is a short, historic walk to Muyil lagoon – a clear turquoise fresh water lagoon, you will take a boat ride into the lagoon for a journey into the clear waters, then dive into the clear canal water to float and snorkel as the currents carry you gently towards the sea. At times the only sound you will hear will be the peaceful rustle of wind through the straw and saw grasses that surround you.


Multisport Adventure
Visit and get to know the most important Biosphere Reserve in the Yucatan Peninsula “Sian Ka'an" during an adventurous and active day.
Kayak in the wetlands, hike in the jungle discovering plants and animals of the region, and finally snorkel in the great and mysterious cenotes with its crystal waters and amazing caves.

Sian Ka’an Wilderness Adventure
Visit and get to know the most important Biosphere Reserve in Mexico “Sian Ka’an". Cross the unspoiled wetlands by boat, watching how the ecosystems change. Discover the animals and plants of the Maya Jungle, and finally enjoy snorkeling in an underground river.

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