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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico

Cultural Activities

Cooking Classes
You can learn more about traditional Mexican gastronomy with our Chef and come back home as a Mexican culinary expert.

Tequila Tasting
Every Wednesday at 17:00 at Freddy’s bar there is a 40 minute presentation about the origins of tequila including a tasting designed to our guests the opportunity to know a little more about our tradition.  The bartender will explain you the history, origins and process whereby tequila is made and will offer you a tasting of three kinds of tequila (Blanco, Reposado and Añejo). At the end you will receive a certificate to prove you participation in the Tequila Tasting.  

Spanish Immersion Program
Immerse yourselves in Spanish language with the help of the Maroma staff. Donning a special pulsera (bracelet) signaling to resort staff that you wish to operate in Spanish-only mode, guests can bring the skills they have learnt of the local language to life.

To help you along, a Spanish-English dictionary will be given to you along with a “cheat-sheet” of helpful phrases.

To arrange any of the above please contact Guest Relations at 


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