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Maroma Mexico - Maroma Resort and Spa in Mexico

Body & Facial Experiences

Body Experiences |  Facial Experiences

Kinan Body Glow
Reveal softer, glowing and hydrating skin with a creamy cleansing scrub made exclusively for Kinan Spa featuring gently exfoliating ground avocado and papaya seeds in an organic sugar base.

Stone Pixan
Our therapists begin with a Hot Stone Massage, the ritual progresses to a full-body exfoliation that is layered on with the hot stones.  The heat of the stones allows the pores to open and accept the healing properties of the oils and exfoliants. We seal this treatment by hydrating the skin and one last hot stone experience with lotion or the oil of your choice.

Sun Burn Treatment
Obtain soothing and cooling relief with this calming treatment derived from natural ingredients such as Noni and Water Lily which will help to strengthen the skin’s outer layer.

Detox Mayan Herbal Wrap - Organic
Pure cotton heated sheets infused with local healing herbs, known through the ages for their detoxifying properties, are wrapped around your body, drawing out toxins and bringing them to the skin's surface. Exfoliation with local honey and muscovado sugar cleanses these toxins away, leaving your body free of impurities.

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