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Adventure Tours

Mayan Encounter
Come and experience the richness of the Mayan world, discover Coba and climb Nohoch Muul, the tallest pyramid in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Cohabit with the descendants of this most admirable pre-Hispanic civilization and participate in the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage
Live an unforgettable experience. Paddle on a lagoon of enormous beauty. Make a thrilling rappel descent. Submerge yourself in the transparency of the old cenotes and soar on the zip-line over  the Mayan Jungle.

Jungle Crossing
Live an exciting journey entering the jungle on an original all-terrain Mercedes Benz Unimog. Visit an isolated community of Mayans where you will discover the excitement of swimming in the crystal clear waters of an amazing cenote and snorkeling in a fascinating underground river.
Delight in a peaceful bay of the Caribbean, navigate in kayak to a beautiful coral reef where you will snorkel and admire the impressive variety of tropical fish.


Mayan Zip Line
Set out on a flight over the jungle’s foliage and cenotes on a series of the most exciting zip-lines of southern Mexico.
Take a bike journey through jungle paths and visit local plantations and their diverse cultivations. Explore an extraordinary system of cenotes while swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful crystal clear waters. Witness and participate in a traditional Mayan purification ceremony in the mystic cenote of the legendary Aluxes.

A.T.V. tour
Only 30 minutes from the hotel, get to know the jungle on the 4 wheels motorcycle! Two hours of fun through the mangroves including a refreshing swim in an open cenote. We guaranty you’ll come back dirty!

F1- Offshore Powerboats
You'll have a fantastic time exploring the clear blue waters of the Caribbean on the super fast state-of-the-art F1 Ocean Explorer boats. Powered by 500 horsepower, these boats will take you to three different stops on a four and a half hour tour that will include a deserted paradise beach, reef snorkeling, turtle spotting, and a beach restaurant as well as a lagoon and Mayan ruin

Sky Tour
A breathtaking 25-minute flight over the amazing turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya. A taste of absolute freedom!
Begin with a briefing from the pilot at the airport, in downtown Playa del Carmen. The pilot will go over the necessary safety regulations and precautions, then discuss which direction you would like to fly; North, South or along the coast (weather conditions permitting).

Whale Shark tours
Visit the Yucatan coast near Contoy Island, which is one of the beautiful coasts in the Yucatan Peninsula. Enjoy a great day getting to see and probably snorkel with the biggest fish in the world “, the harmless whale shark “!!
Also get to admire the dolphins, mantas, bird species and many other animals in the Yucatan coast.
Available only from June to September.

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