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La Résidence Phou Vao

Massage Therapies

Massage Treatments:

Sukapab - Foot beauty rituals - 30 mins. US$ 35  or  60 mins. US$ 55
This treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation to prime your feet.  They will then soak in a warm bath with lemongrass essential oil in order to relieve stiffness and heaviness. An invigorating foot massage with peppermint oil completes the ritual, which will leave your feet feeling light and fresh.

Foot Reflexology - 30 mins. US$ 35  or  60 mins. US$ 55
Foot reflexology is based on the theory that all organs and glands are represented on the feet. The recognized benefits of a reflexology treatment include increased blood circulation, relaxation and the release of tension from your body.

Smooth Hands - 30 mins. US$ 35
Pamper your hands with this treatment. It starts with a rose flower exfoliation to prepare your hands for a herbal wrap that provides essential nourishment for your skin. Afterwords, a relaxing massage eases away tensions leaving your hands soft, smooth and moisturized.

Head Massage - 30 mins. US$ 35
This traditional massage is for the head, neck and shoulder area. It is a complete formula to reduce stress.

Back & Shoulder Massage - 30 mins. US$ 35
Performed either gently or more firmly, according to your wishes and sensitivity, this massage will ease stress related tension.

Jetlag Massage - 30 mins. US$ 40
This truly revitalizing massage will help to ease away travel related tensions. 

Body Oil Massage Treatments:

Phonklai  - Relaxing oil massage - 60 mins. US$ 65 or 90 mins. US$ 75 
A combination of lemongrass and orange essential oils that will encourage your body and mind to embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation.

Pherm Palang - Energizing body oil massage - 60 mins. US$ 65 or 90 mins. US$ 75
With a soothing mix of mandarin and peppermint essential oils, this treatment will ease away tensions and aching muscles, bringing a renewed vitality to your senses.

Herbal Massage Treatments:

Mo Hom - Indigo healing art  - 90 mins. US$ 85         
Experience the ancient healing art of Hmong shamans to treat muscular pains and aches. A steamed indigo herbal compress filled with pure remedial ingredients is thoroughly massaged onto your body. Then surrender to a deep tissue massage using palms, thumbs and elbows to loosen muscular tensions and to stimulate blood circulation. Indigo, symbol of the Buddha of Medicine, is said to improve muscle tone and drain away toxins, while eucalyptus, clove and black pepper essential oils dissolve away muscular tension, leaving you enveloped in stillness and harmony.

Kamatan - Path to tranquillity de-stress massage - 90 mins. US$ 85
Clear the mind and enjoy total serenity with a complete de-stressing treatment. Calm your senses as your body is soothed by a hot herbal poultice of sweet basil and lemongrass and a warm oil massage. This holistic treatment will leave you with a general sense of well-being.

Sip Sen - Lao massage - 60 mins. US$ 60 - 90 mins. US$ 70
Relax into the infinite beauty of the healing world of Laos. Cultivated in monasteries and handed down through generations of Buddhist monks, the philosophy behind this massage is based on freeing the life force which is running throughout energy lines called sen to achieve total wellness. This very respectful way of applying pressure with thumbs and palms, once exclusively applied to royal families, helps the body to relax, detoxify, balance, heal and energize, giving a new sense of complete well-being.

All prices are subject to 10% government charge and 10% service charge.


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