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by Orient-Express
La Résidence Phou Vao


Luang Prabang has two markets, one held during the day and the other at night.

Head just outside the city centre along the main road to find a central covered market surrounded by impromptu stalls and goods laid out on blankets on the floor.  Whether you visit during the day or in the evening you will find the market packed with both locals and people from the hill tribes.

Every type of fruit and vegetable imaginable, just picked that morning and untouched by pesticides or machines, is on sale. In the covered market you will be greeted by the heady perfume of spice stalls. As you meander the scent of sweets and cakes begins to fill the air. Further on you’ll find freshly-caught fish and meat stalls.

As dusk falls the produce stalls are packed away and the night market begins. Silk and cotton garments, linens and handicrafts are laid out. Sparkling jewellery and beaded cushions, perfect souvenirs and gifts, are available very cheaply and a deal can often be struck, making this the ideal venue for the shrewd bargain-hunter.

Chefs set up their makeshift kitchens and prepare fabulous noodle dishes, delicate spring rolls and rich, tasty soups.

The markets are very busy places, packed with locals, not tourists. This slice of life offers wonderful colours, smells and fascinating sights to the visitor.


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