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"Connecting Communities, Environment and Responsible Tourism"

La Résidence d’Angkor is an active supporter of ConCERT, a non-profit organisation based in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Aiming to reduce poverty by bringing together Siem Reap’s non-profit organizations and charities with visitors willing to help, ConCert provides guests with information on a range of humanitarian activities that need support.

Their member organisations are well managed, financially transparent and sustainable, working in partnership with local people.  These cover many sectors and include education and training, child-care, agricultural development, infrastructure, women's issues, healthcare, the care and rehabilitation of landmine victims, and environmental conservation.

At La Résidence d’Angkor we pay a yearly membership fee to help keep the programme running.  You will be able to find a ConCERT pamphlet in your room, and we also host presentations by ConCERT at our hotel. If you are looking to leave your mark and contribute to the Cambodian community, at ConCERT’s nearby office you’ll be able to get full information on different local projects.

Click here for more information on ConCERT.


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