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Bali is renowned for its rich artisan heritage. Learn the secrets of the island’s arts with our classes.
 Food   Cookery

Cooking Class & Balinese Lunch 
Begin with an early morning visit to the market to source the freshest ingredients. Return to the hotel where our chef will prepare a mouth-watering lunch in front of your eyes. Then feast on the results! 

Balinese Fruits & Spices Discovery 
Learn all about the unusual fruits and exotic flavours used in Indonesian cooking in this complimentary one-hour session at Tunjung Restaurant.

 Local Flowers   Art and Crafts

Glimpse modern Balinese painters at work in a local gallery. 

If you are so inspired, why not commission your own artwork? Choose the canvas, theme and colours, and our artist will interpret your vision. Your finished piece will be ready within a week.

Watch expert artisans at work. Every Tuesday and Friday, see the beautiful tradition of egg painting. On Wednesday and Saturday, witness the skilful craft of wood-carving.

 Spa Ayurvedic   Balinese Massage

Recreate the blissful experience of a traditional massage. Every technique, from acupressure to reflexology, will be taught in 90-minute classes.

 Local Dance   Balinese Dance

Learn the captivatingly intricate movements of Balinese dance. Join our one-hour class or arrange a private session.


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