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by Orient-Express
Jimbaran Puri Bali, Bali, Indonesia

Events Calendar

The Balinese love to celebrate. Watch out for these spectacular occasions during your stay. 

Galungan - Every 210 days families gather and feast to celebrate this special holiday. Ten days of revelry mark the victory of good spirits over evil. Mythical lion-dog puppets called Barong parade between temples. 

Kuningam - Represents the close of Galungan. Special offerings say farewell to the gods as they ascend to the heavens. 

Nyepi - The Day of Silence - End March/early April  
A unique event to mark the Balinese New Year. The island falls quiet to ward off evil spirits. For one day no one leaves their home and lights are turned off. Colourful parades of ogoh-ogoh figures ‘destroy’ evil spirits in the run up.  

Bali Arts Festival – Mid-June to mid-July, Denpasar 
A highlight of the Balinese art calendar. Discover beautiful dance, handicrafts and music at the Taman Wedhi Budaya centre. Watch as dancers from all over Bali ferociously compete.

Kuta Karnival - Late September and early October 
A week-long extravaganza of non-stop dancing and music. Kite-flying and beach sports tournaments also captivate. 

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival - October 
An internationally renowned gathering of writers and poets. Expect stimulating discussion, poetry readings and a wealth of writing on Bali.


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