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Balinese Culture

 T Ulu Watu   Temples

Pura, or temples, grace every corner of Bali. These magnificent ornate structures are found in every village and home.  

Uluwatu Temple
Pura Luhur Ulu Watu is one of the island’s grandest temples and only a short drive away. Dramatically perched on a cliff edge, it is dedicated to the spirits of the sea. Marvel at the spectacular views of the Bukit Peninsula.

Through an ornate archway lie beautiful 11th-century carvings of Balinese spirits and gods. 

Tanah Lot Temple
Pura Tanah Lot is picturesquely sat atop an offshore rock. Westerly facing, visitors flock here to capture the sunset.

Visit in the morning for the most peaceful experience.

 Dragon   Art & Museums

Bali has a rich artistic heritage, attracting artists from around the world. 

Agung Rai Musuem in Ubud has a fine collection of Kamasan (Classical) and Batuan works. At Ubud’s Puri Lukisan Musuem find the full range of artistic styles including Young Artists and Academic. 

The Gallery in Jimbaran allows you to watch local young artists at work.

A must-see for antiquities is the Bali Museum in Denpasar.
 Local   Dance

Dance performances are an integral part of Balinese tradition. 

Kecak Dance
The popular kecak dance is truly unique. A circle of 100 or more men create an interwoven sound of wind and animal voices.  

This impressive choreography is performed regularly at Nelayan Restaurant.
Barong & Rangda Dance
This ever-popular performance magnificently tells the age-old tale of good against evil.   

Barong Kekt (the good) and the horrible, if comical, form of Rangda (the bad) dramatically duel with each other. 
 Local   Music

Balinese music is performed by a large group of musicians called a gamelan or gong. Pieces are learned by heart and handed down through the generations. 

The xylophone and jangly percussion create an unusual and enjoyable sound.

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