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Inn at Perry Cabin, St Michaels, Maryland

Massage Therapy

The Linden Intensive (2 or 4 hand)
Two Hand $175 (80 minutes), Four Hand $270 (50 minutes)
Utilizing one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing, the Linden Intensive massage works deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and enabling you to release stress, give in and simply be. This remarkable treatment relaxes the entire being and often encourages a letting go of old beliefs, patterns and behaviors. 

Soothing Massage - $170 (80 minutes), $115 (50 minutes)
This uniquely calming massage uses a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax the muscles in the same manner as the flow of blood returning to the heart. The treatment stimulates the skin and energizes the nervous system while it soothes the body and reduces stress. This is our most relaxing massage, one that will rock you into a deeply meditative state while renewing your spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage - $175 (80 minutes), $125 (50 minutes)
An individualized massage custom-tailored to target specific areas of tension, soreness and chronic distress. Using targeted deep pressure, this curative massage helps to improve flexibility and mobility in the muscles. Please discuss your needs with us and identify any areas of tension or pain. The perfect massage for those who prefer stronger hands.

Herbal Remedy Massage - $185 (80 minutes) 
An ancient recipe of healing herbs is tightly bundled and steamed to bring on full potency. The herbal poultice is then used to deliver soothing warmth and therapeutic botanicals deep into the muscles utilizing a unique kneading massage technique from centuries past on warriors returning to their homelands. The herbal poultice massage is combined with balancing pressure points and potent aromatherapy oils, creating an exquisitely healing experience like no other. Choose from a Detoxifying Blend including Lemongrass, Rosemary and Ginger or a Relaxing Blend of Sweet Basil, Jasmine, and Lavender.

Hot Stone Massage - $175 (80 minutes)  
Stones are the oldest materials on the planet. They have accumulated and stored healing energy for countless eons. For this uniquely recuperative treatment you are massaged with a combination of warmed river stones and aromatic oils. At the completion of your massage, you will feel a sense of new vitality and strength throughout your mind and body.

Moon and Tide Pre-Natal Massage - $170 (80 minutes),
$115 (50 minutes) 
This therapeutic bodywork focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be through a combination of careful acupressure, gentle stretching and purifying oil massage, while the back and neck rest gently on warmed herbal pillows filled with botanical ingredients. A treatment to tune the woman's energy flow as she goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience...and a gentle welcome to the new life within.

Reiki - $170 (80 minutes), $115 (50 minutes) 
Relax, reflect, accept and heal. Experience the unique sensation of an expert Reiki treatment as our skilled Reiki Master uses her hands to channel energy from the universe so that the body can work to restore health to itself. The Reiki therapy can relieve pain, boost immunity and relax the nervous system. *This is not a massage.

Massage Enhancements - $25 per enhancement (15 minutes each):

Back Buff – A thorough scrubbing with an herbal body polish to soften and cleanse with soothing warm aromatic compresses.

Feet Treat - Softening and smoothing, a great way to end your massage. Sea salts and a balancing blend of essential oils scrub away the rough spots, followed by a relaxing Shea butter pressure point foot massage.

Enlivening End - Trouble coming back to the world after a massage? This invigorating mint scalp and face pressure point massage will invigorate and ease the transition without ending the relaxation.

Couples Massage - (50 or 80 minutes) Linden Spa is delighted to offer many of our massage selections as a “couple’s treatment” in our couples suite.  Please call for details.



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