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by Orient-Express
Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru

Relaxing at Hotel Monasterio

Specialists combine ancient Andean healing traditions and aromatherapy with techniques from the east and west.

For Adventurers & Hikers
This treatment uses smooth, deep pressure to stimulate tired muscles and joints. Warm volcanic stones are then placed on the body to enable complete relaxation. This treatment draws inspiration from Thai and Shiatsu massage.

Anti-stress, Mental Relaxation
The fine aromas of natural oils greet you, while rhythmic Swedish massage techniques stimulate circulation. This is followed by a Reiki session designed to restore your inner balance by channelling vital energy. 

The Monastery Massage, Andean
The Andean aromas of muña and eucalyptus oils are combined with soft Andean melodies and deep rhythmic movements with gentle pressure to help restore equilibrium. 

Accomplice Massage
A romantic ambiance including flower petals, exotic aromas of aphrodisiac oils and soft music complement this treatment.  This massage uses delicate techniques combined with volcanic stones to achieve full relaxation, followed by a Reiki session.

Prices per person: 
30 minute session - US$ 45 (S/. 130.50) 
60 minute session - US$ 90 (S/. 261)


Features & Offers

Upgrade Offer

Upgrade Offer

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Hiram Bingham Package

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Advance Purchase Offer

Advance Purchase Offer

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Gourmet Package

Gourmet Package

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