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by Orient-Express
Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru

History & Culture

Four roads once led from Cuzco's Main Square to the four corners of the Inca empire.  The original empire extended from what is today Ecuador and part of Colombia, to northern Chile and Argentina and included all of Peru and Bolivia.

An empire almost as vast as the Roman Empire, and was connected by a road network stretching over 23,000 kilometres (14,300 miles).

Cuzco's Main Square, known as the Wajaypata in Inca times, was the site of many celebrations and is still an ideal meeting place. The cathedral and La Compañia, two of Cuzco's colonial churches, frame the plaza. The Incas' most sacred building in Cuzco, the Koricancha ('Temple of the Sun'), today forms part of the Spanish church of Santo Domingo.

Other colonial churches which should not be missed are the convent of Santa Catalina (site of the Inca Acllawasi, or Residence of the Chosen Women) and San Blas, with its famous pulpit, in the artists' quarter.

Ruins, temples, churches and mansions make this a memorable destination, full of history and culture - a city with a splendid legacy. Cuzco's winding, cobbled streets transport visitors through its rich and beautiful past.


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