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Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru

Archaeological Sites

There is a wealth of archaeological sites in and around Cuzco. Ruins close to the city include:

Sacsayhuamán Archaeological Park
Two kilometres from the city, this monumental complex, together with the city of Cuzco, is considered the first of the new seven wonders of the world, a huge construction planned and built by Andean man.

The Incas called it 'the House of the Sun' and the Spanish called it 'a fortress' due to its zigzag shape and the 1536 revolution. It was one of the most important religious complexes of its time.

Every 24th June, local inhabitants hold the 'Festival of the Sun' or 'Inti Raymi'. Sacsayhuamán has witnessed and staged many important historic events. The Sacsayhuamán archaeological complex covers an area of 3,000 hectares and is located north of Cuzco (Cusco).

This construction is six kilometres from Cuzco (Cusco). 'Puca' in Quechua means 'red' and 'pucara' means 'fortress/watchtower'. Located at a strategic point along the road to the Antisuyo (the jungle area of the Incas' empire), it also served as a checkpoint on the Inca road and was a military and administrative centre.

Seven kilometres from Cuzco (Cusco), at 3,700 metres above sea level, this site was popularly known as the 'Incas' baths'. Researchers believe Tambomachay was an important centre for the worship of water. It is an archaeological complex made up of well-crafted canals, walls and windows which show the Incas' extraordinary architectural talents and their in-depth knowledge of hydraulics. 


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