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Hotel das Cataratas, Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The Legend of the Falls

The Legend of the Iguassu Falls dates from the time of the Caingangues Indians who lived in the region around the Iguassu River.  

The Caingangues Indians believed in a god named Mboi whose physical form was that of a serpent. The Chief of the tribe, Igobi has a very beautiful daughter, Naipi who was to be consecrated to the god Mboi and to live her life in worship of him.  

As legend has it, there was also a young warrior in the tribe named Tarobá who was in love with Naipi from the moment he saw her. On the day when the whole tribe was celebrating the consecration of Naipi to Mboi, Tarobá fled in a canoe with Naipi.

When the god Mboi heard what had happened he twisted his serpentine body deep into the earth creating a gigantic crack and as the river crashed over the newly shaped land the waterfalls were formed. The young lovers were taken over the waterfalls by the powerful waters and sank forever.  

Legend states that Naipi became one of the rocks below the Falls which is constantly pummelled by the waters thundering down from above. As for Tarobá, he became a palm tree on the bank inclining over the river. Beneath this palm tree is a cave where Mboi watches eternally over the young lovers.   

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