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by Orient-Express
Hotel das Cataratas, Iguazu Falls, Brazil


Hotel das Cataratas is pleased to be able to provide a great golfing experience for all golf enthusiasts who wish to incorporate a round or two into their stay.

Just a few minutes drive from the hotel, the Iguassu Golf Club & Resort offers a superb golf course, set in some of the most stunning scenery Iguassu has to offer.

Golfers can play either an 9 and 18 hole round, supported by automatic and manual cars and all necessary equipment is availabel for hire.

Golf lessons can also be arranged with the expert trainers at the course.

Transfers may be arranged at the front desk of Hotel das Cataratas.



Fri. to Sun. and HolidaysMon. to Thu.
18 holesR$ 65,00R$ 60,00
9 holesR$ 50,00R$ 45,00
Golf cart - 18 holesR$ 50,00R$ 45,00
Golf cart - 9 holesR$ 30,00R$ 25,00
Pull cartR$ 10,00R$  8,00
Golf Bag (beginner)R$ 35,00R$ 35,00
Golf Bag (amateur)R$ 45,00R$ 45,00
CaddieR$ 35,00R$ 35,00
Golf balls (25 units)R$ 3,50R$ 3,50
Individual Golf Club (beginner)R$ 6,00R$ 6,00
Individual Golf Club (amateur)R$ 8,00R$  8,00
Golf Classes (30 min.)R$ 45,00R$ 45,00
Golf Classes (60 min.)R$ 75,00R$ 75,00
Golf Classes Package (10 classes of 30 min.)R$ 375,00R$ 375,00

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