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A town that seems to have risen up from the sea like froth and crystallised onto the land. It is dominated by the impressive Duomo, rivalling in stature the cliffs that loom up behind it. You can sit and watch life go by in the piazza or wind your way upwards through the cobbled streets, exploring the little shops along the way. Here and there are faint reminders that, in the 11th century, Amalfi was a powerful port, as big as Venice and Genoa.

Worth seeing:

The Cathedral
: Originally built in the 9th century but altered several times, the duomo is dedicated to Sant’Andrea and his relics are preserved in the crypt. Admire the magnificent façade full of sparkling mosaics and the famous bronze doors, cast in Constantinople circa the year 1000.  

Chiostro del ParadisoNext to the cathedral, built during the 13th century in an Arabic style, this church preserves ancient sarcophagi, marble carvings and fine mosaics. 

Ancient Arsenali of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi: The arsenal dates back to the 9th century and recalls the town’s glorious history as a powerful maritime republic.  

Salone Morelli – Palazzo San Benedetto: In the museum housed in the Town Hall, admire 14 canvases by Domenico Morelli, reproduced in mosaic on the front of the cathedral; the famous and only existing copy of the “Tabula de Amalpha”, and Arabic-Byzantine costumes (Piazza S. Spirito).

Museo della carta: Founded by Nicola Milano, famous descendant of a family from Amalfi with a long tradition of paper production, this museum is centred round the old paper mill dating from the 16th century. In the museum there are still old tools for making paper by hand, such as wooden hammers operated by a hydraulic wheel, which were used to beat and crush linen, cotton and hemp in stone basins (Via delle Cartiere).

Take our complimentary shuttle service to Amalfi, or visit the town during a private tour of other Amalfi Coast gems—contact our Concierge for information and to book.


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