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by Orient-Express
Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily, Italy


Five kilometres of hairpin bends lead up to this enchanting village built around a rock on which a medieval castle perches. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views, particularly beautiful at sunset, and indulge in the local almond wine. The best spot for this is Bar Turrisi, a friendly café whose quirky interior is adorned with antiques and humorous, rather naughty imagery.

The ruined castle is at the very top of the village on the summit of Mount Tauro, said to be the site of an ancient acropolis called Tauromenion. Climb up here to gaze in awe at the near-360-degree vistas of the island – a truly breathtaking experience.


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Eclectic Characters

Eclectic Characters

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Grand Tour of Italy

Grand Tour of Italy

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Special Promotion for Meetings and Events

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