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The Governor’s Residence, Yangon, Myanmar
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The Monhinga

Myanmar is a land with strong cultural traditions and a long history of civilization. In spite of being located between India and China, the cuisine in Myanmar is different to these two countries. 

The people of Myanmar love to eat noodles as a snack, a main meal and as a convenient dish to feed the hundreds of guests that must be invited for formal celebrations.

Noodles are available in many forms including those influenced by Indian or Chinese cuisine. Most noodle shops open at dawn and people going to the bazaar have their breakfast at the many stalls, sitting on low stools or just standing around the boiling pot of soup. Families or groups of friends enjoy cooking special noodle dishes at home "just for fun" with everyone helping out.

"The Monhinga", the Myanmar Bouillabaise, is considerate to be the National noodle dish of Myanmar and is especially popular in Yangon, the capital city that lies in the southern delta where fish is abundant.

This particular dish of fish noodle soup is served with spices, ingredients and condiments, chick pea fritters with fermented Somen noodles, catfish, gourd fritters, lime wedges and crushed red dried chili with fresh coriander and fried onions. 

Eating habits vary is each province in Myanmar and there are many variations of this dish depending on the availability of food markets and the ethnic influence.

Recipe for "The Monhinga"

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