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Total Well Being

Body Firming (95 min) $215
Pure and simple...our detailed exercise program helps firm the lower body and targets cellulite. Plus, a Seaweed Detox wraps you, warms you and works below the surface to purify, rebalance and rehydrate your skin...relax your entire being.

Yin and Yang (2.5 hours) $270
The best of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates helps balance your Chi (life energy). Tai Chi has been referred to as "Yoga in Motion", a moving meditation and powerful key to relaxation, focus and concentration. To finish...a Warm Stone Massage brings you closer to nirvana.

Boot Camp (2 hour minimum) $205 
Take the challenge. Our multi-dimensional training uses various athletic activities to help build endurance and burn more calories in less time...without being bored. Session ends with a Deep Tissue Massage to ease muscle tension and soreness.                              

Journey Into Fitness (95 min) $195
No time to exercise? Our complete fitness evaluation meets your needs, goals and lifestyle. We demonstrate moves you can use at home or on the road. To complete the journey, our Charleston Place Facial regenerates your skin's appearance.

Charleston Spa Stretch (80 min) $185
A 30-minute stretch class with proper technique improves flexibility and movement. And to ease you back into reality...our classic full body Swedish Massage.

Water Play (95 min) $205 
A challenging aquatic workout uses water resistance to help increase strength, stamina and flexibility. Topped off with our Charleston Place Facial to leave your skin feeling dewy-moist.


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