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Casa de Sierra Nevada, san miguel de allende mexico

Travellers Tips

Few little hints and practical tips to help you enjoy your time in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel's Taxis are not metered and it is recommended to agree on a price before getting into the taxi. The hotel can arrange taxis for you. 

Rent a Car
San Miguel is very accessible by road, and there are many beautiful places to visit in the surrounding areas. Renting a car is a comfortable and easy way to enjoy this region, as it will give you the freedom and flexibility to see more of the area and its surrounding attractions.

Walking & Shoes
Nothing can replace walking down the narrow cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende. It is the best and most delightful way of enjoying the beauty of the city. Even though the cobblestoned streets might be slippery and uneven, there is no need to sacrifice fashion.

The special San Miguel Shoe was created twelve years ago by a couple from San Miguel and it is designed to be stylish and fashionable and still comfortable enough to be a real walking sandal. The shoes can be found in the San Miguel Shoe Shop at Mesones Street and is well worth a visit.


Tipping guide
As a guideline, the tipping is normally around 10-15% depending on the service.

You can call (direct dialing) and fax to anywhere in the world from San Miguel, using the facilities at the hotel.
Internet “cafes” can be found in town for the convenience of both tourists & locals alike. To call a San Miguel number from out of state: Dial 415 (area code) and then the complete number. Mexico’s country code is 52

Banks generally have the best exchange rates and are open from 8:30 am or 9:00 am. In addition there are private money exchanges or "casa de cambios" that stay open longer, offering slightly less favorable rates than banks. Some banks may have 24 hour teller machines that allow you to take cash advances on your credit cards, or even ATM cards - paid in pesos.

Most of the larger establishments - from restaurants to shops, will readily accept US currency. It is a good idea to carry small bills, as it is often difficult for small shops or stands to make change for large bills.

Credit Cards
Most of the hotels, resorts and more upscale restaurants and shops will accept credit cards. However many of the smaller establishments do not accept credit cards. While planning your trip, make sure that you carry or have access to cash or traveler's checks.

Time & Pace
San Miguel de Allende is in the Central Time Zone. Most businesses in San Miguel will be open during the day. Although, the custom of the mid-day lunch with family is still in effect, most shops have someone at work.
Siesta or the mid-day break is a traditional time to spend with family.

It also coincides with the hottest time of day when people retreat to their homes to eat and rest in the shade.

News San Miguel
The Atención is a weekly English newspaper in San Miguel de Allende. The Calendar pull-out section is a must have for tourist and it contains a list of activities, ongoing events for a two-week period.


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